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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in joining We strive to bring you professional global resources, and in order to do that effectively, we have some Terms of Inclusion that must be met and maintained on an ongoing basis for you to become and remain a member of All websites seeking initial inclusion in must be submitted by the owner, the owner must submit their site only once and with a legitimate email address, no webmail addresses (such as Yahoo or Hotmail) are allowed. Submitting your membership application begins the review process, and you will be notified via email to the address that you provided, within one week (often sooner) whether or not your site has been accepted into By clicking the "submit" button and sending your application to global resource network, you are stating that you agree to abide by and that you understand all of the Terms of Inclusion and all content written on this page.

Bullet Objectionable Content

Submitted sites and the sites that they link to may not contain pornography, abusive or offensive language, copyrighted or otherwise stolen content, discriminatory material, or content that encourages the harm, hatred toward or exploitation of any person or group. [This includes your password, which is stored on our site, description of your site that's displayed on other sites, etc. No profanity allowed!]

Bullet All Submitted Sites Must Display Proper Use of Search Engine Optimization Techniques

If you are unsure of what are considered acceptable or non-acceptable Search Engine Optimization methods, please
visit these links to do some research prior to submitting your site to

Bullet Site Language

At this time, is only accepting sites in English. We reserve the right to adjust this rule at a later date as our abilities allow.

Bullet All Submitted Sites Must be User-friendly

Sites seeking inclusion in must not utilize uncontrollable pop-up windows or other browser side scripting that is uncontrollable by the user, cannot contain broken links, and must have an overall professional appearance.

Bullet Database Results Page

All submitted sites agree to display logo which must hyperlink directly back to this site
( on the page that you create on your server to display the results of's resource database. You must update your database results page at least once per month and that page must display a "Last Updated" date on it somewhere easily visible. This database results page must be stored on your own server, you may not link directly to the results on our server. Once your link is approved, you will have seven (7) days to add the database results page to your site. If your site is not added within the seven day period, your site will be deleted from the database in another seven (7) days. [Depending when you are approved, other members will be displaying your link and it's not fair for them to be doing so if you are not returning the link within a reasonable amount of time.]

Bullet Rejection Of Application Or Termination of Inclusion reserves the right to reject any site for inclusion or to terminate at any time an existing site, at the sole discretion of, if for any reason we conclude that the site in question has not met or maintained the Terms of Inclusion or we otherwise feel that Inclusion of said site could for any reason be detrimental to or its members. Upon termination of an existing site, that site must remove all links to, database results page, graphics, logos, etc...which would in any way associate them with These items are owned by and rights to use them are only granted to our members in good standing.

Bullet Email List Membership

You must agree to maintain membership of our admin mailing list at

Bullet Privacy and Confidentiality

While will never sell your information to any party, you are entering your information into a
public resource and all information that you enter will be made public. You acknowledge and accept this fact when you submit your site for inclusion into reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, our link list (or any part thereof) at any time, with or without notice. shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of our services. Refer to our website often for the current version of our Terms of Inclusion. retains all rights to name, logo, databases, website, and
other proprietary information. No part of the website may be reproduced, stored, or distributed without's prior written approval.

If you agree with ALL of these terms and conditions, please feel free to submit your site to!

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